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Organize your shop

manage repairs, update customers, and save time with Uncrash

  • fast


    Uncrash is designed to make organization and communication quick.

  • intuitive


    Don't worry about reading a manual. You'll be up and running in minutes.

  • cheap


    Uncrash costs as little as $29/mo. with a free trial.

Free Trial! Try Uncrash in your shop for 14 days completely free.

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  • Say goodbye to constantly ringing phones. Uncrash keeps your customers & their insurance agents 'in the know' through text & email messages. Your customers won't have to call to check in on their repairs anymore.
  • Organize that shop. Sometimes it's tough remembering the cars you have, their owners, and the estimated completion dates. Uncrash can manage all of that for you.
  • Estimate better, work better. Uncrash will coach you on setting realistic completion dates based on your repair history. You'll also get access to detailed reports and accuracy results.
  • Build a portfolio With the photo storage and sharing features in Uncrash, you can keep track of before and after photos for all of your shop's repairs.